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Founded in 2019 for the production of the short documentary film entitled “Lend Me Your Voice”, BA UCURA PRODUCTIONS Ltd is a new independent production company based in Kigali, Rwanda. From the beginning of its existence, the company’s target is to be specialized in documentaries and fiction films. 


BA UCURA PRODUCTIONS Ltd is mainly interested in the production of films dealing with powerful human stories, cultural, social, and human rights issues. The company also strives to co-produce with other film companies from African countries where there are many important stories that need to be told. The owner and manager Ndimbira Claudine (Shenge) has a unique experience as a director of documentaries and short fiction films mostly on taboo topics that are not often talked about openly in Rwanda. 


Additionally, BA UCURA PRODUCTIONS Ltd aims to include great unique old Rwandan tales among its film production projects in future.


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