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"Shenge was an absolute gem to work with. Her reliability and resourcefulness when it came to scouting locations and finding solutions were truly impressive. No matter the challenge or unexpected hurdle, Shenge remained flexible and composed, ensuring that our project stayed on track. 


One of Shenge's greatest strengths lies in her ability to work with people. She possesses an exceptional understanding of what makes a great protagonist, and she identified and brought forward the perfect individuals for our film. And she also knew how to make them feel comfortable and at ease during the production process. 


Shenge's experience as a director lends her a high level of expertise in storytelling, allowing her to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of the filmmaking process. She conducted interviews and directed scenes in Kinyarwanda throughout our production, displaying her thorough understanding of capturing the essential soundbites and scenes necessary to create a compelling and authentic film.


Whether it was last-minute research, coordinating logistics, or troubleshooting unforeseen issues, Shenge's expertise shone through, providing us with a smooth and successful production experience. 


In short, Shenge's contributions to our documentary film were invaluable, and her exceptional people skills made a significant impact on the overall quality of our project. I recommend Shenge as a producer-fixer and co-director for any documentary film production."

Gönna Ketels, Co-Director "Founders Valley", October 2023

"Shenge is the ideal person as a fixer for an international production in Rwanda. In January 2023 she worked for us as a fixer for a research and filming project in Kigali and at Lake Kivu. She is very well organized, profound, quick and reliable in researching protagonists or backgrounds. During the shooting, she did an excellent job in preparing the right atmosphere for the shoot, talking to protagonists and translating from Kinyarwanda into English and French if necessary. Her work was especially helpful as she got deep into the topic and helped us to organize everything and come up with fresh ideas to bring the project forward. She has also worked as a co-director in the DW documentary series „Founders Valley“: How healthcare technology saves lives in Rwanda - Founders Valley (2/3) | DW Documentary ( It’s a pleasure to work with her, as she is always positive and professional even in difficult situations. I would advise anybody who will work in Rwanda to make her part of the team."

Matthias Frickel, Head Of Operations, Culture & Documentaries, Deutsche Welle, October 2023

"Shenge was such a fantastic help to us on our shoot in Rwanda. As a fellow filmmaker, she was not only great as a translator and a source of local knowledge, but had the knowledge to explain what we were doing to the local communities we went to see, which helped them to feel at ease with the cameras."


Caytlin Isobel,

"I just wanted to convey my sincere appreciation on your professionalism and excellent service. Our documentary in Rwanda went exceptionally well and your fine planning and attention to detail made our jobs a lot easier. Your kind nature and willingness to help is greatly appreciated."


Ryan Downing, DOP,

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